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Nr.21 And God said: Let earth bring forth  |  Nr.22 Straight opening her fertile womb  |  Nr.23 Now heav`n in fullest glory shone
Nr.24 And God created man  |  Nr.25 In native worth and honour clad  |  Nr.26 And God saw ev`ry thing
Nr.27 Achieved is the glorious work (I)  |  Nr.28 On thee each living soul awaits  |  Nr.29 Achieved is the glorious work (II)
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9th Image / 6th Day No. 21 RAPHAEL (BASS): RECITATIVE And God said: Let earth bring forth the living creature after his kind: cattle and creeping thing, and beasts of the earth after their kind.
9th Image / 6th Day The second scene represents the sixth day of creation and contains three images: the ninth, tenth and eleventh. In No. 21 it is told that God lets the earth bring forth creatures including cattle, creeping things and wild beasts. The biblical “And it was so´´ in Gen. 1:24 and its repetition in Gen. 1: 25 is omitted, for based on Milton the subsequent accompagnato of recitative No. 22 depicts everything specifically: lion, tiger, stag, cattle, sheep, insect and worm. Based on Milton, No. 23 briefly summarises what has been created thus far and heralds the creation of man. No. 21 RAPHAEL (BASS): RECITATIVE And God said: Let earth bring forth Source: FEDER, Georg: Joseph Haydn. Die Schöpfung (Kassel 1999), Verlag Bärenreiter.
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