WORLD CREATION – Haydn’s The Creation worldwide on 31 May 2009
Sunday 31 May 2009 is the 200th anniversary of Joseph Haydn’s death. When Haydn died peacefully in his house in the Gumpendorf district of Vienna in 1809, the world around him was at war. Napoleon’s troops had reached Vienna; the city was in a state of siege. The commemorative mass in Vienna’s Schottenkirche celebrated two weeks after Haydn’s death was a triumph and example of how art can unify beyond the nations: Austrian and French officers formed an honour guard shoulder to shoulder in honour of Joseph Haydn, the most significant composer of his time.

WORLD CREATION – The Creation worldwide.

More than 200 years later the anniversary of Haydn’s death is cause for celebration. The Haydn Festival in Eisenstadt has initiated the WORLD CREATION project for this occasion: all around the world on 31 May 2009 Haydn’s most famous oratorio – The Creation – will be played. Orchestras and choirs all over the world have been invited to take part in this global performance project. No other composition is better suited for this form of presentation than Haydn’s The Creation, a key work in the world’s musical repertoire. When the birth of our world is celebrated in various countries and continents with the first choral entrance and “Let there be light” is then sung in fortissimo, it will be a symbolic apotheosis of his genius as well as a celebration of the power of music.

The global presentation of The Creation transcends the local setting of a commemorative celebration temporally as well. In overcoming spatial and temporal borders through the all-unifying music of Joseph Haydn, his universal significance is translated into the globally integrated present. “My language is understood throughout the world,” Haydn himself pointed out. Of this we can be certain: Haydn would have been very pleased about WORLD CREATION.

Dr. Walter Reicher, Intendant, Haydn Festival / Haydn 2009.
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