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XXXI Vokalliedbearbeitungen


Hoboken GruppeHoboken Gruppe ZusatzHoboken NummerHoboken Nummer ZusatzTitelTonartDatierung
XXXIa1Mary's dreamfis-moll1757
XXXIa1bisMary's dream; McFarsence's testament, siehe McPherson's farewellfis-moll1757
XXXIa2John Anderson, my jog-moll1757/59
XXXIa2bisJohn Anderson, my jog-moll1757/59
XXXIa3I love my love in secretG-DurJuni-Dez. 1761
XXXIa4Willie was a wanton wagC-Dur1757/60
XXXIa4bisWillie was a wanton wagB-Dur1757/60
XXXIa5Saw ye my father?D-Dur1760/61
XXXIa5bisSaw ye my father? (vgl. H23)D-Dur1760/61
XXXIa5terSaw ye my father?D-Dur1760/61
XXXIa6Todlen hameA-DurJuni-Dez. 1761
XXXIa6bisTodlen hameA-DurJuni-Dez. 1761
XXXIa7Fy!gar rub her o' er wi' straee-mollJuni-Dez. 1761
XXXIa7bisFy! gar rub her o'er wi' strae (Duett); Fy let us a' to the bridal [wedding], siehe Blithsome bridal; Gaberlunzie (Gaberlunyie) man, The, siehe Brisk young lade-mollJuni-Dez. 1761
XXXIa8Green grow the rashesd-mollJuni-Dez. 1761
XXXIa8bisGreen grow the rashes (mit 2 st. Chor)h-mollJuni-Dez. 1761
XXXIa9Waefu' heart, TheF-Dur(Frühjahr) 1762
XXXIa9bisWaefu' heart, TheF-Dur(Frühjahr) 1762
XXXIa10Ploughman, TheD-Dur1758/60
XXXIa11Barbara Allend-moll1760/61
XXXIa11bisBarbara Allen; Bashful lover [swain], The, siehe On a bank of flowersc-moll1760/61
XXXIa12Thou'rt gane awa'A-Dur(Frühjahr) 1763
XXXIa12bisThou'rt gane awa'A-Dur(Frühjahr) 1763
XXXIa13GramachreeEs-DurAug.-Dez. 1763
XXXIa13bisGramachreeD-DurAug.-Dez. 1763
XXXIa13terGramachreeF-DurAug.-Dez. 1763
XXXIa14This is no mine ain houseB-Dur1762
XXXIa14bisThis is no mine ain houseB-Dur1762
XXXIa15Galla waterD-DurJuni-Dez. 1761
XXXIa15bisGalla waterD-DurJuni-Dez. 1761
XXXIa15terGalla water; Gardener's march, The, siehe Gard'ner wi' his paidle; Gentle swainD-DurJuni-Dez. 1761
XXXIa16O'er bogieg-moll(Frühjahr) 1763
XXXIa16bisO'er bogiefis-moll(Frühjahr) 1763
XXXIa17I had a horseh-moll1760/61
XXXIa17bisI had a horsec-moll1760/61
XXXIa18My boy Tammyd-moll1757/59
XXXIa19St Kilda songF-Dur1760/61
XXXIa20Blithsome bridal, TheD-Dur1758/60
XXXIa20bisBlithsome bridal, TheD-Dur1758/60
XXXIa21Stepherd Adonis, Theg-moll2. Hälfte 1764
XXXIa22White cockade, The; Ranting Highlandman, The; My love has been in AberdeenD-Dur1764
XXXIa22bisWhite cockade, The; A highland lad my love was bornD-Dur1764
XXXIa23Lass of Livingston, Thec-moll1. Hälfte 1764
XXXIa24John of Badenyong-moll2. Hälfte 1764
XXXIa24bisJohn of Badenyon; Joyful widower, The, siehe Maggy Lauder; Maid in Bedlam, The, siehe Gramachree; Maid of Toro, The, siehe Captain O' Kaing-moll2. Hälfte 1764
XXXIa25Bonniest lass in a' the warld, TheD-Dur1760/61
XXXIa26Duncan DavisonC-Dur1768
XXXIa27Leader haughs and yarrowF-Dur1757/60
XXXIa28Up in the morning earlyg-mollEnde 1765 (Wende 1765/66)
XXXIa28bisUp in the morning earlyg-mollEnde 1765 (Wende 1765/66)
XXXIa28terUp in the morning earlyg-mollEnde 1765 (Wende 1765/66)
XXXIa29Fife and a' the lands about itD-Dur1765
XXXIa30I'am o'er young to marry yetB-DurFrühjahr 1765
XXXIa31Lea-rig, TheF-DurMai-Sept. 1765
XXXIa31bisLea-rig, TheF-DurMai-Sept. 1765
XXXIa31terLea-rig, TheG-DurMai-Sept. 1765
XXXIa32Dainty DavieD-Dur1760/61
XXXIa33Pentland Hills; Phely & Willy, siehe Jacobite air; Phoebe, siehe Yon wild mossy mountainsF-Dur1761 bis Frühjahr 1762
XXXIa34Duncan Gray; Dutchess of Buccleugh's reel, siehe Sutor's daughter; Earl Douglas's lament, siehe Lady Randolph's complaintG-Dur(Mitte) 1763
XXXIa35Maggy LauderB-Dur1.12.1767
XXXIa35bisMaggy LauderA-Dur1.12.1767
XXXIa35terMaggy Lauder; Maid in Bedlam, The, siehe Gramachree; Made of Toro, The, siehe Captain O' KainB-Dur1.12.1767
XXXIa36How can I be sad on my wedding day;D-Dur1761 bis Frühjahr 1762
XXXIa37My Nanie, Oc-moll1757/58
XXXIa37bisMy Nanie, Oc-moll1757/58
XXXIa37terMy Nanie, Oc-moll1757/58
XXXIa37quaterMy Nanie, O (Duett); My plaid away, s. O'er the hills and far away; Nancy's to the green-wood gane,s.Scornfu' Nancy ;Nanny, O, s. My Nanie , O; Nelly's dream, s. Marg'ret's ghost; New hilland laddiec-moll1757/58
XXXIa38Woo'd and married and a'd-moll1767
XXXIa39Blue bonnetsC-DurMai-Sept. (?) 1765
XXXIa40Wauking of the fauld, TheD-DurAnfang 1763
XXXIa41John, come kiss me nowEs-Dur1768
XXXIa42Mount your baggageC-DurSept.-Dez. 1771
XXXIa43Ye Gods! was Strephon's picture blestD-Dur1770/71
XXXIa44Sleepy bodie; So for seven years, siehe Tho' for sev'n yearsF-Dur1770/71
XXXIa45Gard'ner wi' his paidle, The; Gentle swain, The, siehe Johnny's gray breeksA-Dur2. Hälfte 1772
XXXIa46Brisk young lad, Theg-moll2. Hälfte 1772
XXXIa46bisBrisk young lad, Thee-moll2. Hälfte 1772
XXXIa47Cumbernauld HouseEs-Dur(Frühjahr) 1772
XXXIa48O can you sew cushionsG-Dur1769
XXXIa49Here's a health to my true love; He's far away, siehe Weary pund o' tow; He who presum'd to guide the sun, siehe Maid's complaint; Hey now the day dawes, siehe Hey tutti taitih-moll1768
XXXIa50Merry may the maid bed-moll1773/74
XXXIa50bisMerry may the maid be (Duett); Miller, The, siehe Merry may the maid be Miller's daughter, The, siehe If a body meet a body; Miller's wedding, The, siehe Auld lang syned-moll1773/74
XXXIa51Mucking of Geordie's byer, Thee-moll(Frühjahr) 1773
XXXIa51bisMucking of Geordie's byer, Thee-moll(Frühjahr) 1773
XXXIa52Tibby Fowler; Tis woman, siehe Bonnie gray ey'd morn; Bonny laddie, highland laddie, siehe Jingling Johnnie; Jockey was the blythest lad, siehe Young Jockeyh-moll2. Hälfte 1771
XXXIa52bisTibby Fowlerh-moll2. Hälfte 1771
XXXIa53Love will find out the wayA-Dur1778/79
XXXIa54Be kind to the young thingB-Dur1. Hälfte 1774 erweit. Fass. 1774/75 od.1776
XXXIa55Cauld kail in Aberdeen (Duett)D-Dur1. Hälfte 1774
XXXIa55bisCauld kail in Aberdeen (Duett); Caun du delish, siehe Oran goail; o saw ye my father ; o steer her up and had her gaun; Palmer, The,siehe Open the doorD-Dur1. Hälfte 1774
XXXIa56Saw ye nae my Peggy?d-moll2. Hälfte 1774
XXXIa57Banks of Spey, The; Banks of the Dee, The, siehe LangoleeC-Dur2. Hälfte 1774
XXXIa58Birks of Abergeldie, Theh-mollEnde 1767
XXXIa58bisBirks of Abergeldie, Theh-mollEnde 1767
XXXIa59Bonnie brucket lassie, TheD-Dur1768
XXXIa60Soger laddie, TheEs-Dur-1774
XXXIa60bisSoger laddie, The; Soldier laddie, The, siehe Soger laddie; Soldier's dream, The, siehe Captain O'Kain; Captain's lady, The; Carron sid; Soldier's return, The, siehe Mill, mill O!Es-Dur-1774
XXXIa61Let me in this ae nightd-moll1776
XXXIa61bisLet me in this ae nightd-moll1776
XXXIa62When she came ben she bobbit; Where Helen lies, s.Fair Helen of Kirkconnel; Fairwell, thou fair day, s.My lodging is on the cold ground; My love's bonny when she smiles on me, s. Flowers of Edinburghe-moll1780
XXXIa62bisWhen she came ben she bobbite-moll1780
XXXIa63Hallow ev'nD-DurEnde 1779
XXXIa63bisHallow ev'nD-DurEnde 1779
XXXIa64Young Jockey was the blythest lada-moll(Herbst?) 1773
XXXIa64bisYoung Jockey was the blythest lad; Young laird and Edinburgh Katy, The, siehe Wat ye wha I met yestreen?; Young Peggy blooms, siehe Boatmana-moll(Herbst?) 1773
XXXIa65Marg'ret's ghost; Margret's ghoast, siehe William and Margaret; Willie brew'd a peck o' maut, siehe Happy topersD-Dur1769
XXXIa66Black eagle, Thefis-mollca. 1774/75
XXXIa67How long and dreary is the night; How sweet is the scene, siehe Hunours o' glen; How sweet this lone vale, siehe Lone valeD-Durca. 1774/75
XXXIa68Blinh o'er the burn, sweet BettyB-Durca. 1774/75
XXXIa69Wat ye wha I met yestreen?Es-Durca. 1774/75
XXXIa69bisWat ye wha I met yestreene-mollca. 1774/75
XXXIa70My mither's ay glowran o'er mee-moll1778/79
XXXIa70bisMy mither's ay glowran o'er mee-moll1778/79
XXXIa71Young Damon; Young highland rover, The, siehe Morag; Moudiewort, The, siehe O, for ane-and-twenty TamB-Dur1778/79
XXXIa72Robin, quo'sheG-DurAug.-Dez. 1763
XXXIa72bisRobin, quo'she; Roger's farewell, see Auld lang syne; Rory Dall's port, siehe Ae fond kiss; Age and youth; Aileen a roon; Alas! Yat I came o'er the moor, siehe Last time I came o'er the muirG-DurAug.-Dez. 1763
XXXIa73Logie of Buchang-mollca. 1781
XXXIa74Eppie Adaire-moll1780
XXXIa75Widow, are ye waking?Es-DurEnde 1779
XXXIa75bisWidow, are ye waking?Es-DurEnde 1779
XXXIa76Whistle o'er the lave o'tF-Dur1782 ?
XXXIa76bisWhistle o'er the lave o'tF-Dur1782 ?
XXXIa77My heart is in the highlands; My Jockey was the blythest lad, siehe Young JockeyB-Dur1782 ?
XXXIa78Steer her up, and had ger gawinB-Dur1782 ?
XXXIa79Jamie, come try meD-Dur-20. Nov. ? 1784
XXXIa80If a body meet a bodyG-Dur- 8. Nov. 1784
XXXIa80bisIf a body meet a bodyG-Dur- 8. Nov. 1784
XXXIa81McGrigor of Rora's lament; McPherson's rant, siehe McPherson's farewellC-Dur- 8. Nov. 1784
XXXIa81bisMcGrigor of Rora's lamentC-Dur- 8. Nov. 1784
XXXIa82Willy's rare; Wilt thou be my dearie, siehe Sutor's daughterB-Dur1786?
XXXIa83Lizae BaillieF-Dur1785
XXXIa84Maid's complaint, Theh-moll1786
XXXIa85Oh, onochrie [Oh! ono Chrio]; Oh, open the door, Lord Gregory, siehe Lass of LochroyanF-Dur1785?
XXXIa86Maggie's tochere-moll1786
XXXIa87I dream'd I layF-Dur1785
XXXIa88Glancing of her apron, The; Gordons has [had] the guiding o't, The, s. Strephon and Lydia; Sun had loos'd his weary team, The, s. Looking glass; Loth to depart, s. La partenza dal paese e dalli amiciD-Dur1787
XXXIa89O bonny lass; O can ye labor lea, siehe Auld lang synee-moll1787
XXXIa89bisO bonny lassEs-Dur1787
XXXIa90Flowers of Edinburgh, TheEs-Dur1788
XXXIa90bisFlowers of Edingburgh, TheF-Dur1788
XXXIa91Jockie and Sandy; Jock the laird's brither, siehe Auld Rob MorrisG-Dur1788
XXXIa92Mill, mill O!, TheB-Dur1789
XXXIa92bisMill, mill, O!, TheB-Dur1789
XXXIa93Stepherds, I have lost my loveD-DurLondon 17. Feb. 1792
XXXIa93bisStepherds, I have lost my loveC-DurLondon 17. Feb. 1792
XXXIa94Bonny Kate of Edinburgh; Bonny, roaring Willie, siehe Rattling roaring Willy, Raving winds, Mc Grigor of Rora's lament; Bonny Scot-man, The, siehe BoatmanG-DurLondon 23. März 1792
XXXIa95If e'er yedo well it's a wonderD-Dur1791
XXXIa96Peggy in devotionC-Dur1791
XXXIa97Colonel Gardner; Come kiss wi' me, come clap wi' me, siehe Now westlin winds; Comin thro' the rye, siehe If a body meet a body; comin thro' the rye , siehe Auld lang syneB-DurLondon 3./4. Mai 1792
XXXIa98To daunton med-mollLondon 2. März 1792
XXXIa99Jenny was fairEs-DurLondon, 10. Feb. 1794
XXXIa100Her absence will not alter meD-DurLondon, 31. März 1794
XXXIa101Bonnie gray cy'd morn, TheB-DurLondon, 3. März 1794
XXXIa101bisBonnie gray ey'd morn, The; Bonnie laddie, highland laddie, siehe Jingling Jonnie ; Jocket was the blythest ladB-DurLondon, 3. März 1794
XXXIa102Bonnie wee thingA-DurLondon, 2.Feb. 1795
XXXIa102bisBonnie wee thingA-DurLondon, 2.Feb. 1795
XXXIa102terBonnie wee thing (vergl. Appx. Z .1) ; Bonny Anne, siehe If a body meet a body; Bonny Barbara Allan; siehe Barbara Allan; Bonny black eagle, The; siehe Black eagleA-DurLondon, 2.Feb. 1795
XXXIa102quaterBonnie wee thingA-DurLondon, 2.Feb. 1795
XXXIa103Roy's wife of AldivallochC-DurLondon, 2. März. 1795
XXXIa104While hopelesse-mollLondon, 4. Mai. 1795
XXXIa105Frae the friends and land I loveEs-Dur1792
XXXIa106Stepherds's son , TheG-Dur1760/61
XXXIa106bisStepherds's son, TheG-Dur1760/61
XXXIa106terStepherds's son, The (2 Fassungen)A-Dur1760/61
XXXIa107Cold frosty morning, A ; Collier's[ bonnie] dochter, The , siehe Colliers bonny lassieF-Dur1762
XXXIa108O, for ane-and-twenty Tam!Es-Dur
XXXIa109Johnie ArmstrongG-Dur1795
XXXIa110I do confess thou art sae faird-moll1795
XXXIa111Now westlin windsc-moll1795
XXXIa112Green sleevese-moll1795
XXXIa112bisGreen sleevese-moll1801
XXXIa113Posie, Thec-moll1795
XXXIa114As I cam down by yon castle wa'; As I came o'er the Cairney mount, siehe Old highland laddie; As Sylvia in a forest lay, siehe Maid's complainte-moll1795
XXXIa115Ministrel, Thec-moll1795
XXXIa115bisMinistrel, The; Miss Admiral Gordon's strathspey, siehe Poet's ain Jean; Miss Farquharson's reel, siehe My love she's but a lassie yet; Miss Hamilton's delight, siehe My jo Janeth-moll1801
XXXIa116Ewie wi' the crooked horen, TheF-Dur1795
XXXIa116bisEwie wi' the crooked horn, The; Exile of Erin, The, siehe Erin-go-bragh; Failte na miosg, siehe My heart's in the highlands; My Jockey was the blythest lad, siehe Young JockeyG-Dur1800
XXXIa117Fair Eliza (gälische Weise)e-moll1795
XXXIa118Widow, TheEs-Dur1795
XXXIa119Yon wild mossy mountainsg-moll1795
XXXIa120My Goddess womanc-moll1795
XXXIa121She's fair and fausee-moll1795
XXXIa122O'er the moor amang the heatherEs-Dur1795
XXXIa122terO'er the moor amang the heather; Of a' the airts, siehe Poet's ain JeanEs-Dur?1802/03
XXXIa122bisO'er the moor amang the heatherEs-Dur1803
XXXIa123Tears I shed , Thee-moll1795
XXXIa124Wee wee man, TheEs-Dur1795
XXXIa124bisWee wee man, The; Welcome home, old Rowley, siehe Thou'rt gane awa'Es-Dur1801
XXXIa125Nithsdall 's welcome hameD-Dur1795
XXXIa126Bid me not forgetG-Dur1795
XXXIa127Lady Randolphs's complaint; Laird and Edinburgh Kate, The, siehe My mither's ay glowranG-Dur1795
XXXIa128Stepherds's wife, TheEs-Dur1795
XXXIa128bisStepherds's wife, TheEs-Dur1801
XXXIa129Weary pund o' tow, TheG-Dur1795
XXXIa129bisWeary pund o' tow, TheF-Dur1801
XXXIa130Tither morn, TheF-Dur1795
XXXIa131Ae fond kiss; Age & youth, siehe What can a young lassie do; Aileen a roon, siehe Robin Adair; Alas! Yat I came o'er the moor, siehe Last time I came o'er the muire-moll1795
XXXIa132Jenny drinks nae waterB-Dur1795
XXXIa133Vain pursuit, TheC-Dur1795
XXXIa134What can a young lassie doh-moll1795
XXXIa134bisWhat can a young lassie do (mit 2 st. Chor); What shall I do with an auld man, siehe What can a young lassie doh-moll1801
XXXIa135Rose bud, TheB-Dur1795
XXXIa136Dear SilviaEs-Dur1795
XXXIa137Slave's lament, Thed-moll1795
XXXIa138Death of the linnet, TheEs-Dur1795
XXXIa138bisDeath of the linnet, The (Duett); Deil's awa' wi' the exciseman, The, siehe Looking glass; Loth to departD-Dur1801
XXXIa139Donald and FloraD-Dur1795
XXXIa139bisDonald and Flora; Donocht Head; siehe The minstrelEs-Dur1802/03
XXXIa140I canna come ilke day to wooA-Dur1795
XXXIa140bisI canna come ilke day to wooA-Dur1801
XXXIa141Hughie Grahamg-moll1795
XXXIa142On a bank of flowersc-moll1795
XXXIa143bisMorag; Moudiewort, The, siehe O, for ane-and-twenty Tam!c-moll1801
XXXIa144Country lassie, AD-Dur1795
XXXIa145Strathallan's lamentD-Dur1795
XXXIa145bisStrathallen's lamentD-Dur1801
XXXIa146Tho' for sev'n years and mairF-Dur1795
XXXIa147Bess and her spinning wheelG-Dur1795
XXXIa148Kellyburn braesEs-Dur1795
XXXIa148bisKellyburn braesD-Dur1801
XXXIa149O'er the hills and far awayfis-moll1795
XXXIa149bisO'er the hills and far away (mit 2 st. Chor)B-Dur1801
XXXIa150Strephon and Lydia; Sun had loos'd his weary team, The, s.Looking glass; Loth to depart, s.La partenza dal paese e dalli amici; Lasses of the ferry, The, s. Auld lang syne; Lass gin ye lo'e me, tellEs-Dur1795
XXXIa151On Ettrick banks; On the death od Delia's linnet, siehe Death of the linnetD-Dur1800
XXXIa152Down the burn, Davie (Duett); Drunken wife o' Galloway, The, siehe Hooly and fairly; House of Glams; Roslin CastleF-Dur1800
XXXIa153William and Margaret; Willie brew'd a peck o' maut, siehe Happy topersg-moll1800
XXXIa154Johnny's gray breeksB-Dur1800
XXXIa155Woes my heart that we shoul'd sunder (Duett); Women's work will never be done, siehe Black eagleA-Dur1800
XXXIa156Fee him, fatherF-Dur1800
XXXIa157Ay waking, O! (Duett); Banks of Banna, The (?irische Weise), siehe Shepherds I have lost my loveEs-Dur1800
XXXIa158Looking glass, The; Loth to depart, siehe La partenza dal paese e dalli amici; Lasses of the ferry, The, siehe Auld lang syne; Lass gin ye lo'e me, tell me now, siehe I canna come ilke dayG-Dur1801
XXXIa159Highland Mary; Highway to Edinburgh, The, siehe Black eagleEs-Dur1800
XXXIa160Lass of Patie's mill, TheC-Dur1800
XXXIa160bisLass of Patie's mill, The (Duett)C-Dur?1804
XXXIa161Queen Mary's lamentation;Es-Dur1800
XXXIa162Blathrie o't, Theh-moll1800
XXXIa163Logan waterg-moll1800
XXXIa164An thou wert mine ain thingA-Dur1800
XXXIa164bisAn thou wert mine ain thing; An ye had been where I hae been, siehe Killicrankie; Argyll is my name, siehe Bannocks o' barley mealA-Dur?1804
XXXIa165Rothiemurche's rant; Row saftly, thou stream, siehe Captain O'Kain; Captain's lady, The, siehe Mount your baggage; Carron side, siehe Frae the friends and land I loveC-Dur1800
XXXIa166My dearie if thou diee-moll1800
XXXIa167Peggy, I must love thee (Duett)G-Dur1801
XXXIa168Auld Robin GrayD-Dur1800
XXXIa169Killicrankie; Kind Robin loves me, s. Robin, quo' she; King James' march to Ireland , s. Lochaber; Kirk wad let me be, The, s. Blithsome bridal; Lads of Leith, The, s. She's fair and fause; Lady B.C-Dur1801
XXXIa170Broom of Cowdenknows, The ( mit 2 st. Chor); Broom, the bonny broom, siehe Broom of CowdenknowsEs-Dur1800
XXXIa171Bannocks o' barley mealG-Dur1801
XXXIa172Bonny Jean; Bonny Jean, siehe Willie was a wanton wagD-Dur1800
XXXIa173Sensibility; Sevevth of November, siehe Day returns; She grip'd at the greatest on't siehe East Neuk o' FifeEs-Dur1800
XXXIa174Hey tutti taiti; Highland lamentation, siehe Young Damon; Young highland rover, The, siehe Morag; Highland lassie [laddie], The, siehe Old highland laddieG-Dur1801
XXXIa175Lone vale, The (Highland air)B-Dur1801
XXXIa176Blue bell [s] of Scotland, TheD-Dur1801/02
XXXIa177I wish my love where in a myreB-Dur1800
XXXIa178Bessy Bell and Mary GrayC-Dur1800
XXXIa178bisBessy Bell and Mary GrayC-Dur?1804
XXXIa180Tak' your auld cloak about yeg-moll1800
XXXIa180bisTak' your auld auld cloak about ye; Tarry woo', siehe Lewie Gordong-moll?1804
XXXIa181Thro' the wood, laddieF-Dur1800
XXXIa182Macpherson's farewell, A (mit 2 st. Chor); Madame Cossy, siehe Looking glass; Loth to depart, siehe La partenza dal paese e dalli amici1801
XXXIa183Pinkie HouseD-Dur1800
XXXIa184Auld gudeman, TheB-Dur1801
XXXIa185Scornfu' NancyB-Dur1800
XXXIa185bisScornfu' Nancy; Scots Jenny, siehe Jenny was fairB-Dur?1804
XXXIa186Tears that must ever fall; Their groves o' sweet myrtle, see Humours o' glenD-Dur1801
XXXIa187Birks of Invermay, TheG-Dur1801
XXXIa187bisBirks of Invermay, TheG-Dur1802/03
XXXIa188Ewe-bughts, Thed-moll1801
XXXIa189My apron dearyG-Dur1801
XXXIa189bisMy apron dearyA-Dur?1802/03
XXXIa191Roslin Castle [Roslane Castle]c-moll1801
XXXIa191bisRoslin castle [Roslane Castle]c-moll1802/03
XXXIa192Auld Rob Morris (Duett)Es-Dur1801
XXXIa193Craigieburn Wood; Crooked horn ewe, The, siehe Ewie wi' the crooked horn; Cuckoo, The [The cuckoo's nest], siehe I do confess thou art sae fairD-Dur1801
XXXIa194My love she' s but a lassie yet; My love's in Germanie, siehe Wish; Wo betyd thy wearie bodie, siehe Bonnie wee thing; My Mary, dear departes shade, siehe Highland Mary; Highway ti Edinburgh, TheC-Dur1801
XXXIa195Auld wife ayont the fire, TheEs-Dur1801
XXXIa196Gil Morris [Morrice]; Gin you meet a bonny lassie, siehe Fy! Gar rub her o'er wi strae; Fy, let us a' to the bridal, siehe Blithsome bridal; Gaberlunzie am, The, siehe Brisk young ladEs-Dur1801
XXXIa197Rise up and bar the doorF-Dur1803
XXXIa198Sutor's daughter, The (Duett)G-Dur1801
XXXIa199Last time I came o'er the muir, TheD-Dur1801
XXXIa199bisLast time I came o'er the muir, TheD-Dur1802/03
XXXIa200Braces of Ballenden, TheG-Dur1801
XXXIa200bisBraces of Ballenden, TheG-Dur1802/03
XXXIa201Tears of Caledonia, Thed-moll1801
XXXIa202Robin Adair (Duett); Robin is my only jo, siehe Robin, quo' sheC-Dur1801
XXXIa203Erin-go-bragh; Exile of Erin, The, siehe Erin-go-bragh; Get up and bar the door, siehe Rise up and bar the door; Good night, and God be with you, siehe Good night and joy be wi' ye a'C-Dur1803
XXXIa204Bush aboon Traquair, The (Duett); Busk ye, busk ye, s. Braes of Yarrow; Butcher boy,The, s. My Goddess woman; By the stream so cool and clear, s. St Kilda song; Captain Cook's death,s. Highland MaryB-Dur1802/03
XXXIa205I'll never leave theeD-Dur1802/03
XXXIa206Tweedside (Duett)G-Dur1802/03
XXXIa207Braces of Yarrow, The; Braw lads of Galla water, siehe Galla water; Bridegroom greets when the sun gangs down, The, siehe Auld Robin Gray; Bride's song, The, siehe Blithsome bridalA-Dur1802/03
XXXIa208Silken snood, TheEs-Dur1802/03
XXXIa209Lass of Lochroyan, Thea-moll?1802/03
XXXIa210Low down in the broom; Lucky Nancy, siehe Dainty DavieC-Dur1802/03
XXXIa211Yellow hair'd laddie, The (Duett)D-Dur1802/03
XXXIa212Flowers of the forest, TheB-Dur?1802/03
XXXIa213Collier's bonny lassie, The; Collier's lass, The, siehe Collier's bonny lassieF-Dur?1802/03
XXXIa214Waly, walyD-Dur1802/03
XXXIa214bisWaly, waly (vergl. Appx,Z 30); Wandering Willie, siehe Here awa'; Wap at the window, my laddie, siehe WidowD-Dur1801
XXXIa214terWaly, walyD-Dur?
XXXIa215Lewie GordonG-Dur?1802/03
XXXIa216Corn riggs (Duett); Cornwallis's lament, siehe Sensibility: Seventh of November, siehe Day returns; She grip'd at the greatest on't, siehe East Neuk o' FifeA-Dur1802/03
XXXIa218Auld lang syneF-Dur1802/03
XXXIa219She rose and loot me ind-moll?1802/03
XXXIa219bisShe rose and loot me in; She says she lo'es me best of a', siehe Oonaghd-moll1801
XXXIa220Katherine Ogie; Katy's answer, siehe My mither's ay glowrang-moll1802/03
XXXIa221Maid that tends the goats, Thea-moll?1802/03
XXXIa221bisMaid that tends the goats, Thea-moll1801
XXXIa222For the lack of gold; 14th of October, siehe Ye Gods! Was Strephon's picture blestB-Dur?1802/03
XXXIa223Sae merry as we ha'e been; Sandie and Jockie, s.Jockie and Sandy; Sawney will never be my love again, s.Corn riggs; Sawnie's pipe, s.Colonel Gardner; Saw ye Johnnie cummin?quo'she, s.Fee him fatherC-Dur1802/03
XXXIa224Captain O'Kain; Captain's lady, The, s. Mount your baggage; Carron side, s. Frae the friends and land I lovee-moll?1802/03
XXXIa224bisCaptain O'Kain; Colin to Flora, siehe Rock and a wee pickle tow; Come under my plaidy; siehe Johny Mac-Gille-moll1803
XXXIa225Gilderoy (Duett)g-moll?1802/03
XXXIa226Braes of Ballochmyle, TheEs-Dur1803
XXXIa227Rattling roaring Willy; Ranting, roving WillieF-Dur1801
XXXIa228Oran gaoil (Duett); O saw ye my father, siehe Saw ye my father; O steer her up and had her gaun, siehe Steer her up; Palmer, The, siehe Open the doord-moll1801
XXXIa229Deil tak the warsB-Dur1801
XXXIa230Poet's ain Jean, TheG-Dur1801
XXXIa230bisPoet's ain Jean, The (Duett)A-Dur?1804
XXXIa231Jacobite air, A (Duett)B-Dur1801
XXXIa232Border widow's lament, TheA-Dur1803
XXXIa233Up and war them a' WillyF-Dur1801
XXXIa234East Neuk o'Fife, The; Eire a ruin, siehe Robin Adair; Robin is my only jo; Robin quo' sheF-Dur1801
XXXIa236Fair Helen Kirkconnel; Fairwell, thou fair day, siehe My lodging is on the cold ground; My love's bonny when she smiles on me, siehe Flowers of EdinburghB-Dur1804
XXXIa237Hooly and fairly; House of Glams, siehe Roslin CastleD-Dur1801
XXXIa238Johny MacGillEs-Dur1803
XXXIa239Shelah O'Neal; Tibbie Dunbar, siehe Johny MacGillF-Dur1803
XXXIa240Jenny dang the weaverB-Dur1803
XXXIa241Pat & Kate (Duett)B-Dur1803
XXXIa242Muirland Willy (mit 2 st. Chor); Musket salute, The, siehe My heart's in the highlands; My Jockey was the blythest lad, siehe Young Jockeyd-moll1801
XXXIa243Happy topers, The (mit 2 st. Chor)C-Dur1801
XXXIa244What ails this heart of mine (Duett)g-moll1804
XXXIa245Wish, The; Wo betyd thywearie bodie, siehe Bonnie wee thing; Bonny Anne, siehe If a body meet a body; Bonny Barbara Allan, siehe Barbara Allen; Bonny black eagle, The, siehe Black eagleg-moll1801
XXXIa246Boatman, TheC-Dur1801
XXXIa247Happy Dick DawsonD-Dur1803
XXXIa248Old highland laddie [lassie] , The; Old man, The, siehe My jo Janet; O let me in this ae night, siehe Let me in this ae nightD-Dur1801
XXXIa249Oonagh [Oonagh's waterfall]d-moll1801
XXXIa250Sir Patrick SpenceA-Dur1803
XXXIa251Johny FawB-Dur1804
XXXIa252Jenny's bawbee; Jenny's lamentation; siehe Jockie and Sandy; Jock the laird's brither, siehe Auld Rob MorrisG-Dur1801
XXXIa253ACro ChallinF-Dur1803
XXXIa253BRock adn a wee pickle tow, TheF-Dur1803
XXXIa254Good night and joy be wi' ye a'G-Dur1803
XXXIa255Open the door; O poortith cauld, siehe I had a horseEs-Dur?1804
XXXIa256Humours o' glen, Thea-moll?1802/03
XXXIa257Here awa', there awa'F-Dur?1802/03
XXXIa257bisHere awa', there awa' (Duett); I loe na a laddie but ane, siehe Happy Dick Dawson; Jenny beguil'd the webster, siehe Jenny dang the weaverd-moll1803
XXXIa258My jo JanetC-Dur?1804
XXXIa259Day returns, The (Duett)Es-Dur?1804
XXXIa260Siller crown, The; Sir Alex. Don siehe Auld land syneF-Dur?1804
XXXIa261Sweet Annieg-moll?1802/03
XXXIa262My lodging is on the cold ground; My love's bonny when she smiles on me, siehe Flowers of EdinburghF-Dur?1802/03
XXXIa263Jingling Jonnie; Jockey was the blythest lad, siehe young JockeyF-Dur1801
XXXIa264Three Captains, TheEs-Dur1803
XXXIa265Polwarth on the green (Duett)B-Dur1801
XXXIa266Sailor's lady, The; Savourna deligh (irische Weise), siehe Erin-go-bragh; Exile of Erin, The, siehe Erin-go-bragh; Get up and bar the door, s.Rise up and bar the door; Good night, and God be with youA-Dur?
XXXIa267Over the water to CharlieD-Dur1803
XXXIa268My love's a wanton wee thing; My silly auld man, siehe Johnny MacGill; My wife's a wanton, wee thing, siehe My love's a wanton wee thingD-Dur1803
XXXIa269Kelvin GroveG-Dur?
XXXIa270Tullochgorum; Waes me for Prince Charlie, siehe Johny FawD-Dur1803
XXXIa271O were my love you lilac faira-moll?
XXXIa272Lassie wi' the gowden haird-moll1803
XXXIa273O gin my love were yon red rosea-moll1804
XXXIb1Codiad yr hedydd; The rising of the LarkB-Dur1757
XXXIb2Gorhoffedd gwyr Harlech; Go to the ew-bughts, Maron, siehe Ewebughts; The March of the Men of HarlechG-Dur1757/59
XXXIb3Torriad y dydd; To the rose bud, see Rose bud; Tranent Muir, siehe Killicrankie; The Dawn of Dayh-mollJuni-Dez. 1761
XXXIb4Dafydd y Garreg-Wen; David on the White Rock; Come sweetest composer; The dying bardg-moll1757/60
XXXIb5Mantell Siani; Jenny's mantleG-Dur1760/61
XXXIb6Mentra Gwen (Duett); Venture GwenA-DurJuni-Dez. 1761
XXXIb7Llwyn Onn; The Ash Grove; Sir Watkyn intending; Sir Watkin's DreamG-DurJuni-Dez. 1761
XXXIb8Rhyfelgyrch Cadpen Morgan; Captain Morgan's MarchB-DurJuni-Dez. 1761
XXXIb9Ar hyd y nos (Duett) ; The live long nightA-Dur(Frühjahr) 1762
XXXIb10Twll yn ei boch; The dimpled cheekC-Dur1758/60
XXXIb11Hob y deri dando (mit 2 st. Chor); Away, my herd, under the green oakG-Dur1760/61
XXXIb12Codiad yr haul (Duett); The rising sunB-Dur(Frühjahr) 1763
XXXIb13Ffarwel Ffranses; Farewell FrancesEs-DurAug.-Dez. 1763
XXXIb14Dowch i'r frwydr (Duett); Come to battleB-Dur1762
XXXIb15Grisiel ground (Duett); Had awa frae me, Donald, siehe Thou'rt gane awa'; The crystal GroundB-DurJuni-Dez. 1761
XXXIb16Hob y deri danno; Away to the oaken groveG-Dur(Frühjahr) 1763
XXXIb17Tros y garreg; Over the stoneg-moll1760/61
XXXIb18Ton y ceiliog du (Duett); The Note of the black CockB-Dur1757/59
XXXIb19Wyres Ned Puw; Ned Pugh's Grand Daughterg-moll1760/61
XXXIb20Eryri wen; Ettrick banks, siehe On Ettrick banks; On the death of Delia's linnet, siehe Death of linnet; The white mountains of Snowdonh-moll1758/60
XXXIb21Cornish May song, TheEs-Dur2. Hälfte 1764
XXXIb22Pant corlant yr wyn: neu, Dafydd or Garreg-las (Duett); The lambs' fold vale; or: David of the blue stoneB-Dur1764
XXXIb23Blodau Llundain (Duett); The flowers of LondonC-Dur1. Hälfte 1764
XXXIb24Y gadly's (Duett); The Camp-Palace or, Leader's Tentc-moll2. Hälfte 1764
XXXIb25Y bardd yn ei awen; The inspired BardC-Dur1760/61
XXXIb26Castell Towyn; Towyn castle; Cauld frosty morning, siehe Cold frosty morning; Collier's dochter, The, siehe Collier's bonny lassieEs-Dur1768
XXXIb27Erddigan caer y waun; The Minstrelsy of Chirk CastleG-Dur1757/60
XXXIb28Hoffedd Hywel ab Owen Gwynedd; The delight of Prince Hoel, son of Owen Gwyned; Hold away from me, Donald, siehe Thou'rt gane awa'c-mollEnde 1765 (Wende 1765/66)
XXXIb29Nos galan; New Year's nightG-Dur1765
XXXIb30Blodaur's grug; The flowers of the heathC-DurFrühjahr 1765
XXXIb31Mwynen Cynwyd; The melody of Cynwyd; My ain fireside, siehe Todlen hame; My ain kind deary, siehe Lea-rigEs-DurMai-Sept. 1765
XXXIb32Y Cymry dedwydd; The happy CambriansB-Dur1760/61
XXXIb33Hela'r ysgyfarnog; Hunting the Hare; Hellvellyn, siehe Erin-go-bragh; Hemp-dresser, The, siehe Looking glass; Loth to depart, siehe La partenza dal paese e dalli amici; Lasses of the ferry, TheC-Dur1761 bis Frühjahr 1762
XXXIb34Digan y pibydd coch; The red piper's melody (2 Fassungen)c-moll(Mitte) 1763
XXXIb35Blodau'r drain; The Blossoms of the Thornsg-moll1.12.1767
XXXIb36MaltraethG-Dur1761 bis Frühjahr 1762
XXXIb37Yr hen erddigan; The ancient harmonyc-moll1757/58
XXXIb39Cerdd yr hen-wr or coed (Duett); The Song of the old man of the Wood; Charming highlangman, The, siehe Lewie GordonF-DurMai-Sept. (?) 1765
XXXIb40Ffarwel jenengetid; Adieu to my juvenile daysEs-DurAnfang 1763
XXXIb41Troidad y droell (Duett); The Whirling of the spinning wheelB-Dur1768
XXXIb42Happiness lost; Happiness lost, siehe Tears that must ever fall; Their groves o' sweet myrtle, see Humours o' glenD-DurSept.-Dez. 1771
XXXIb43aLamentation of Britain, The (Duett)g-moll1770/71
XXXIb43bLamentation of Cambria, The (Duett)g-moll1770/71
XXXIb44Sweet melody of north Wales, The; Sweet's the lass that loves me, siehe Bess and her spinning wheelB-Dur1770/71
XXXIb45Lady Owen's delight [favourite]F-Dur2. Hälfte 1772
XXXIb46Winifreda (Duett)Es-Dur2. Hälfte 1772
XXXIb47Willow hymn, The; Will ye go to Flanders, siehe Gramachreed-moll(Frühjahr) 1772
XXXIb48Allurement of love,The; Anna, siehe Shepherds, I have lost my love; Answer, The, siehe My mither's ay glowran o'er meD-Dur1769
XXXIb49Marsh of Rhuddlan, Theg-moll1768
XXXIb50Door clapper, The (Duett)G-Dur1773/74
XXXIb51Britons, Thec-moll(Frühjahr) 1773
XXXIb52Pursuit of love, TheD-Dur2. Hälfte 1771
XXXIb53Poor pedlar, TheB-Dur1778/79
XXXIb54Blossom of the honey suckle, The ; Blossom of the raspberry, The; siehe My jo Janeta-moll1. Hälfte 1774 erweit. Fass. 1774/75 od.1776
XXXIb55Aria di guerra e vittoriaD-Dur1. Hälfte 1774
XXXIb56Bend of the horse shoe, TheB-Dur2. Hälfte 1774
XXXIb57La partenza dal paese e dalli amici; Lasses of the ferry, The, siehe Auld lang syne; Lass gin ye lo'e me, tell me now, siehe I canna come ilke daya-moll2. Hälfte 1774
XXXIb58Flower of north Wales, TheC-DurEnde 1767
XXXIb59Departure of the king, Thec-moll1768
XXXIb60New year's gift, The; New year's gift, The; Nine pint cogie, siehe Collier's bonny lassiea-moll-1774
XXXIb61Parson boasts of mild ale, Theg-moll1776
XXXIc1Vias tuas Domine, GradualeC-Dur1757
XXXIc3Vi miro fisoJuni-Dez. 1761
XXXIc4? Se provasse un pocolino1757/60
XXXIc5Ah crudel, poiche lo brami1760/61
XXXIc6Gelosia d´amore e figlia (2 Fassungen)Juni-Dez. 1761
XXXIc7Si promette facilmenteJuni-Dez. 1761
XXXIc8Vorrei punirti indegnoJuni-Dez. 1761
XXXIc9Non ama la vita(Frühjahr) 1762
XXXIc10Che tortora1758/60
XXXIc11Una semplice agnelletta1760/61
XXXIc12Deh frenate i mesti accenti(Frühjahr) 1763
XXXIc13Se voi foste un cavaliereAug.-Dez. 1763
XXXIc14Silenzio miei signori1762
XXXIc15Se palpitar degg´ioJuni-Dez. 1761
XXXIc16I Know then this truth (Catch) In: 12 Sentimental Catches and GleesA-Dur(Frühjahr) 1763
XXXIc16O say what is (Catch) In: 12 Sentimental Catches and GleesG-Dur(Frühjahr) 1763
XXXIc16Hail to the myrtle shade (Glee) In: 12 Sentimental Catches and GleesA-Dur(Frühjahr) 1763
XXXIc16Love free as air (Catch) In: 12 Sentimental Catches and GleesD-Dur(Frühjahr) 1763
XXXIc16Ah no[n] lasciarmi (Catch) In: 12 Sentimental Catches and GleesC-Dur(Frühjahr) 1763
XXXIc16O ever beauteous (Catch) In: 12 Sentimental Catches and GleesA-Dur(Frühjahr) 1763
XXXIc16Where shall a hapless (Glee) In: 12 Sentimental Catches and GleesG-Dur(Frühjahr) 1763
XXXIc16Ye little loves (Glee) In: 12 Sentimental Catches and GleesEs-Dur(Frühjahr) 1763
XXXIc16Some kind angel (Catch) In: 12 Sentimental Catches and GleesA-Dur(Frühjahr) 1763
XXXIc16I fruitless mourn (Catch) In: 12 Sentimental Catches and Gleesa-moll(Frühjahr) 1763
XXXIc16Farewell my flocks (Catch) In: 12 Sentimental Catches and GleesA-Dur(Frühjahr) 1763
XXXIc16The envious snow (Catch) In: 12 Sentimental Catches and GleesC-Dur(Frühjahr) 1763
XXXIc17The Lady´s Looking-glassD-Dur1760/61
XXXIc17bohne TitelD-Dur1760/61